What You Need to Know Before you Hire a Tax Debt Relief Expert

What You Need to Know Before you Hire a Tax Debt Relief Expert

Hiring a tax debt relief expert is the best way to deal with the IRS and identify a suitable installment payment program. Since many companies offer debt relief services, it may be tough to pick the right expert.

Researching beforehand and understanding the role of tax relief companies or professionals can guide you in the selection process. It also prevents losing your money to scams and incurring significant debt.

Are you wondering about the things you should know before hiring an expert to help you deal with back taxes? Read on for factors to consider before selecting a tax resolution professional.

If the Expert Has a License

One key factor to consider before hiring a tax debt relief expert is if they have a license. A suitable professional should be an IRS Enrolled Agent. This certification means they have the authority to represent taxpayers to the IRS.

While Enrolled Agents have the highest certification to deal with tax debt, you can consult other licensed professionals. For instance, you may work with CPAs and tax attorneys to assess the delinquent taxes you owe. Such professionals can also help you negotiate a fair repayment plan.

The Experience the Tax Debt Relief Expert Has

A tax professional with extensive experience in dealing with the IRS is more likely to help you navigate debt. Before hiring a particular expert, determine the years they represented taxpayers. After that, evaluate if they handled similar cases in the past.

Working with a tax expert with more experience can give you peace of mind. Besides, the professional may help you avoid significant penalties by assessing your case quickly and applying for a suitable relief program.

The Cost of Their Services

Tax debt relief experts charge clients varying amounts based on the nature of the case and the needed work hours.

Before picking a specific professional, evaluate your options by requesting consultations. The specialists can provide a cost estimate by assessing the time and resources required for the case.

Knowing how much a tax debt relief expert will charge for their tax debt relief services can help you weigh your options. Additionally, you will avoid exorbitant rates that may further affect your financial situation.

The Success Rate of Their Cases

Hiring a tax debt relief expert does not guarantee desirable results. Still, a suitable professional should have more wins than losses.

Opting for a high success rate specialist can give you confidence since they will exhaust all legal methods when negotiating with the IRS. Such an expert will also assess your case critically to ensure they only apply for the proper debt relief programs.

The Availability of the Tax Professional

Tax resolution may involve regular communication with the IRS. You may also need to attend negotiations and other sessions like IRS financial audits.

Before hiring a tax expert, determine their availability for such meetings. An expert with an organized work schedule will effectively handle your case to prevent postponing. They will also help you avoid penalties and fines by ensuring you respond to notice letters before the deadlines.

The Services the Tax Debt Expert Offers

When dealing with tax debt, you may need other services like filing back taxes and audit representation. Before hiring a resolution expert, determine if they offer all the required services.

This way, you can avoid consulting several companies and wasting resources. Working with one specialist will also streamline debt resolution and lower stress.

Hire a Debt Relief Expert From FinishLine Tax Solutions

Considering the discussed factors before hiring a resolution expert can ensure you get quality services. At FinishLine Tax Solutions, we have a team of enrolled agents, attorneys, and CPAs to help you deal with the IRS. All our specialists have a license and understand tax laws comprehensively. Contact FinishLine Tax Solutions today to learn more about our services and charges.