Inside Sales Representative

We are a full service nationwide tax resolutions firm. Due to our growth, we are seeking 3 to 5 HIGHLY disciplined, mature, responsible and reliable Inside Sales Representatives.

The position REQUIRES an exceptional level of professionalism and sense of responsibility. To be considered for this role, candidates must be able to exemplify a high degree of discipline, time management, professionalism and work ethic. We DO NOT COLD CALL.

All leads derive from prospects hearing our ads on TV or radio and calling in with an expressed desire and need to get their tax matter resolved. Your job will be to accept the inbound calls… determine if they are a good candidate for our services… and get them enrolled in a tax resolutions program IMMEDIATELY.

Although all leads are 100% inbound, it is still extremely important and REQUIRED that consistent OUTBOUND calling is made (between the inbound calls) to follow up with prospects… Upsell additional services… ensure that necessary documentations has been received by the clients, etc… We DO NOT just sit and wait on the phone to ring… If you are not on an inbound call, then you will be on an outbound follow up call, prospect call, upsell call, etc…

We operate an extremely efficient and disciplined organization and as a result, have been recognized as one of the premier and fastest growing litigation firms in the country.

IF you feel that you are capable of meeting the requirements of this role… which again, requires extreme discipline, work ethic and professionalism, then please submit a resume ALONG WITH A PARAGRAPH expressing why you feel that you would be a solid candidate for this position. No resumes will be considered without the attached paragraph.

Compensation starts with a modest base salary plus commission… Ultimate compensation will transition into enhanced commission percentages plus residuals.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $60,000.00 – $150,000.00 per year

E-Mail your Resume to michael@finishlinetaxsolutions.com

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