Corporate Dissolution Services

While we can help you start a business, we can also help you dissolve it. Our corporate dissolution services can help you close a business. The steps to closing a business can be scary. However, our step-by-step approach makes it easy. Likewise, we can help you shut down your business without going into debt. In other words, it’s important to avoid fines and potential loss of liability protection. We can help you ensure you dissolve your business in the correct way. Furthermore, our team will make sure you’re in compliance with state and federal laws. In other words, we don’t want you to get in trouble for closing down your business. Shuttering a company is hard enough. Let us help you make sure you do it right. Call the professionals at FinishLine Tax Solutions, the trusted tax relief, and business consultation firm today.

How can Corporate Dissolution Services Help me?

There are a few steps involved in our corporate dissolution services.

Vote to Dissolve a Business

First, the people invested in your business must agree. In other words, your board of directors or shareholders need to vote. Likewise, you will need a majority vote to shut down your business. Similarly, each state has a different set of voting rules. However, FinishLine Tax Solutions can help you understand the rules in your state.

Meet State Requirements for Corporate Dissolution

Next, you must understand what documents you need. In other words, each state has a different set of rules for closing a business. Our corporate dissolution services will help you understand the rules for your state. For example, California rules may differ from Arizona rules. Likewise, Arizona rules may differ from New York rules. In other words, we can help you understand the rules for your individual state.

Apply for a Certificate of Dissolution

After you know the rules, you’ll have to apply to close your business. Furthermore, each state demands that you file an official Certificate of Dissolution. However, it may be difficult to know what you need to submit. Likewise, it can be difficult to know the rules when your business operates in various states. However, FinishLine Tax Solutions can help with our corporate dissolution services. In other words, if you’re looking for help, we can help.

How do Corporate Dissolution Services Work?

There are a number of things involved in closing your business. Fortunately, our corporate dissolution services will help you understand what to do. Likewise, we can make sure all your ducks are in a row. There are some important steps you must take to close your business. Here are a few key parts of our corporate dissolution services.

Ending the Functions of your Business

One of the most important parts of corporate dissolution is the ending function of your business. In other words, we can help you wrap up your operations. However, it could mean big trouble if you continue operating per usual. Likewise, we can help make sure you’re following the rules.

Corporate Resolution

In this stage, you want to end the involvement of your board of directors. They will need to settle debts and terminate operations. Additionally, here is where you officially file for corporate dissolution.


Before you successfully end your business, you need to settle debts. In other words, if you have any outstanding money you owe, it must be settled. If you’re involved in a pending lawsuit, this can delay the process. We can help you with debt settlement.


After you settle your debt, you need to distribute assets. In other words, you have to sell your assets and convert them to cash. Furthermore, you can distribute your assets to shareholders.

Secretary of State

This is the final step of our corporate dissolution services. You must file a dissolution document with the secretary of state. Typically, the president of your company will sign this paper.

Internal Revenue Service

Furthermore, you must also file your corporate dissolution with the IRS. However, it’s easy because you can do this directly through their website.

Get help with Corporate Dissolution Services

Do you need help dissolving your business? Our corporate dissolution services can help. Whether you operate in California, Texas, or both, we can help. Dissolving a business can be hard. In other words, it can be hard on both your mental and financial wellbeing. However, that’s where we come in. Likewise, our team will help you dissolve your business. We’ll be there every step of the way. In other words, our goal is to make it easier for you. Call us today and find out how our corporate dissolution services can help. 

In addition to corporate dissolution services we also offer LLC formation, LLP formation, C Corp, and S Corporation formation.


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