Tax Tip Tuesday

Dealing With Tax Debt: How to Set Things Right With the IRS

Most Americans struggle to pay their taxes especially with the current difficult economic times. There are steps you can take to reduce the impact of unpaid taxes on your life, credit and financial well-being. In this article we discuss tips on how to set things right with the IRS especially when dealing with tax debt.


5 Top reasons Why IRS Will Audit You

An IRS audit refers to a review of your information and accounts to check that you’re following tax laws and reporting things correctly. If you’ve been honest with filing your returns and abiding to all tax laws, you have nothing to worry. The IRS often selects individuals with suspicious activity to conduct an audit on.

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Owe the IRS $10K+?: See if you qualify for IRS Tax Forgiveness Program

If you owe the IRS $10,000 or more in unpaid taxes, then you can expect a variety of penalties. Fortunately, the IRS offers ways to both lower your tax burden, as well as spread your repayment out over time. Here, we take a look at the options available for those who owe more than $10K and whether you qualify for the IRS tax forgiveness program.

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Tax Settlement – Find out if you are eligible

The IRS understands that, for some, finances can be extremely limited and getting on top of debt may very well be impossible. That’s why it offers some taxpayers tax settlement. An IRS tax settlement allows a taxpayer to settle a debt for less than what is owed.