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Meet The Executive Team

Scott Curley smarty2
Co-CEO | Partner


Tenacious, visionary, and strategic thinker are just a few of the words commonly used to describe Scott Curley. As the Co-CEO of FinishLine Tax Solutions, LLC Scott leads an organization passionately committed to helping clients take control of their tax problems. Because of its proven track record of success, FinishLine has grown to become one of the largest tax resolution companies in the country.

Brian Gordon 1
Co-CEO | Partner


As a strategically focused leader, Brian Gordon guides FinishLine Tax Solutions’ operations, passionately committed to serving clients and helping them find relief from IRS tax situations that seem hopeless. Because of its proven track record of success, FinishLine Tax Solutions, LLC has grown to become one of the largest tax resolutions firms in the country. Brian is a native of Houston, Texas, growing up in the Fifth Ward area.

Meet Some of Our Leadership Team

Felicia B scaled
Director of Business Operations


As Director of Business Operations, Felicia is responsible for managing the company’s finances, including financial planning, management of financial risks, record-keeping, and financial reporting. Additionally, she oversees the company’s human resources department and ensures that all compliance matters are satisfied.

Eric Williams
Director of Client Acquisitions


Leading from the front has always been the mindset of Eric Williams. He has a strong penchant for communication and enrichment, and his drive for success coupled with the genuine concern he has for all of FinishLine Tax Solutions’ clients are the most prominent factors that allow him to thrive as the Director of Client Acquisitions with the organization.

Jared Pace
Quality Control Manager


As the Quality Control Manager for FinishLine Tax Solutions, Jared works to build and maintain the brand reputation by ensuring client satisfaction and maintaining company standards. He also assists tax analysts in identifying potential clients, reviewing validity of tax documents and updating client information. Jared has over 8 years of experience in customer service.

Ren Hill
Compliance Manager


As a part of the leadership team, Ren’s focus is ensuring that FLTS service quality and analytics remain at optimal levels. In auditing case files for accuracy, she ensures that FLTS services are consistent with the specific and unique needs of each client. Additionally, she supports the team by working with other leaders to maximize overall production efficiency.

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