1. Can the IRS/State really take my assets?

Yes, the IRS/State has the legal right to seize assets in the form of wages, bank accounts, investments, vehicles, and in rare instances, even your home to settle an outstanding tax debt. In Fact, The IRS/States are the only entities in the entire country that can legally seize assets WITHOUT a court order.

2. If I hire your firm, will you guarantee me a savings of “pennies on the dollar” on my tax debt?

Absolutely not! (and NO company can guarantee that). Any firm that makes blanket guarantees of pennies on the dollar savings on their client’s tax debt is not only grossly misleading the client, but is essentially operating illegally. We do, however, guarantee full tax resolution that may include negotiated settlements which will allow for some taxpayers to pay less than the original amount owed to the IRS.

3. Could I go to jail if I don’t resolve my tax problem?

Technically yes….. HOWEVER, since we take a serious and aggressive approach to resolving all of our client’s tax matters, then we can virtually guarantee you that you will never have to worry about going to federal prison.

4. Do you guarantee your services?

Yes. We guarantee that we will not stop working your case until full tax resolution is reached in the form of a customized resolution program that satisfies both you and the IRS and/or state taxing authority.

5. How long does the resolutions process take?

Reaching tax resolution can range anywhere from 30 days to over a year based on the complexities of each individual case. Keep in mind, we are dealing with the monstrosity of the federal government and even WE have to play their waiting game at times.

6. How soon will you begin working on my case?

Immediately upon retaining our services… The collections division of the IRS/State is extremely aggressive so therefore we fight fire with fire by matching their level of aggression in terms of pursuing resolution for our clients.

7. How will this affect my credit?

By hiring our firm, it will potentially improve your credit rating being that we will work to ultimately have all levies and liens discharged. Discharge of federal tax liens from your credit report will ultimately improve your credit scores.

8. Are you a law firm?

No. We are a full service, nationwide Tax Resolution Firm which employs Tax Attorneys, CPA’s, Tax Analysts, Enrolled Agents, Former IRS agents, and other tax professionals.

9. Do you handle State tax matters?

Yes. We specialize in resolving IRS and all State tax matters.

10. Do you handle business tax matters also?

Yes. We also specialize in all tax matters relating to personal and business tax issues including corporate return filing, payroll tax issues (940’s and 941’s), audit representation, audit appeal, etc…