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Congratulations to Scott Curley on being recognized as an honoree at the Money 2.0 Conference!

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Scott Curley Featured on Dallas Morning News

Dallas, TX, Feb 2, 2023/Dallas Morning News/ — Scott Curley, co-founder of  FinishLine Tax Solutions, a national tax resolution firm that specializes in tax relief and tax preparation, was  featured on Dallas Morning News. Scott Curley co-founded from a Super8 motel outside Houston. The firm now ranks among the top 100 fastest-growing financial companies in the U.S., scaling its business into a shop generating more than $30 million a year in revenue since its founding six years ago.


FinishLine Tax Solutions Recognized as Fastest Growing Company by Inc. Magazine

HOUSTON, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — FinishLine Tax Solutions, a national tax resolution firm that specializes in tax relief and tax preparation, announced today it ranked #1304 on Inc. Magazine‘s 2022 Inc. 5000, a prestigious list of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. Marking the company’s inaugural appearance on the annual Inc. 5000, we were was also recognized as one of the top 100 fastest growing financial companies in the United States.


Nationwide Tax Resolution Services By Best Tax Relief Company

Each year, billions of tax dollars go unpaid to the IRS. As a result, millions of taxpayers are in need of tax relief services. Consequently, If you neglect to pay your taxes, your tax debt doesn’t simply go away, instead, it gets worse by the day and will eventually lead to IRS wage garnishments and/or asset seizures. Therefore, if you owe taxes and can’t afford to pay them, get tax relief help immediately! The highly skilled tax relief specialists at FinishLine Tax Solutions can help resolve your tax debt for good. Importantly, our tax relief services have helped thousands of taxpayers settle tax debt with the IRS and have kept the IRS from garnishing wages and seizing assets. But, when you work with us, we will take immediate control over your tax problems and will begin aggressively pursuing a tax relief program that satisfies you AND the IRS.

Furthermore, we will handle every interaction with the IRS and will not stop working until full tax resolution has been achieved on your terms. In conclusion, don’t let the IRS debt ruin your life. Take control of the situation by getting tax relief help today.


Tax Relief Services

Tax Relief

We can help you get out of tax debt for good by determining the best tax relief plan for you.

IRS Fresh Start Program

Everyone deserves a fresh start on their taxes, and we can help you get one.

Offer in Compromise

If you owe the IRS more than you can pay, we can help you settle debt for less.

Penalty Abatement

We work with the IRS to help lessen your tax debt by fighting off the addition of penalties.

Bank Levy Release

We work on your behalf to keep your assets in your hands, and out of the IRS’ hands.

IRS Hardship Programs

Not everyone has the financial ability to pay off even $10,000 in tax debt—we understand and we can help.

Why Choose FinishLine Tax Solutions?

Seeking tax relief can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. As interest and penalties continue to mount, you may wonder how you’ll ever get out of tax debt. First, when you feel like there’s nowhere to turn, FinishLine Tax Solutions is here for you.

Second, our team of expert tax resolution specialists will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf so you don’t have to. Lastly, you can be assured that we’ll devise a tax relief plan that’s right for you and saves you the most amount of money that the law allows while keeping you protected from wage garnishments and asset seizures in the process. Moreover, we understand the amount of financial and emotional stress tax debt can cause. Finally, Our goal is to help you resolve your tax debt once and for all and get back into good standing with the IRS for good.

Steps to Tax Relief

  1. First, understand that back tax problems don’t just go away. Many taxpayers owe hundreds, even thousands in taxes, and have no idea until the IRS garnishes their wages. The most important step you can take toward tax relief is to come to terms with what you owe.
  2. If you don’t know how much you owe, contact a tax resolution specialist. A tax relief expert can find out exactly how much you owe the IRS. If you have no idea what kind of debt you’re in, get help.
  3. Hand over all communication with the IRS to a tax relief professional.
  4. Work with your tax resolution companies specialist to come up with a tax relief plan that works for you.

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If you need to speak to us fill in the form below and we will call you back within the same working day.


    How Can I Get Tax Relief Services?

    When seeking tax relief services that are right for you, the first step is to contact a professional. But, before you do that, you’ll want to make sure you gather all the tax information you have. Because providing your tax resolution specialists with all your tax information can help them determine how much you owe. But, once you meet with your tax resolution expert, they’ll help you come up with a tax relief plan. Before they approach the IRS to negotiate, they’ll make sure you have all your ducks in a row. Importantly, make one mistake with the IRS and it can set back your entire tax relief plan. Therefore, call us so we can help you settle tax debt for less. The sooner you call, the sooner you’ll get on the road to settle tax debt.

    Tax Resolution Experts

    Why Should I Hire A Tax Resolution Expert?

    Hiring a tax relief specialist can be extremely helpful when attempting to negotiate with the IRS. As a result, dealing with the IRS alone can often feel like you’re defending yourself in court. In addition, if you don’t have the right knowledge or information, it leaves you vulnerable. Especially, when it comes to paying back taxes, there are a ton of negotiations that will happen with the IRS. And, attempting to negotiate with the IRS without a tax relief expert on your side can be time-consuming and not successful. Yes, you can technically seek tax relief on your own, but you might not get the resolution you’re hoping for. Moreover, working with a tax resolution professional will make all the difference when you’re going up against the IRS.

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    What is a Tax Resolution Specialist?

    A tax resolution specialist is a certified expert who can help you deal with tax issues. Additionally, a tax resolution specialist can also represent you before the IRS. Furthermore, the expert tax relief specialists at FinishLine Tax Solutions experience negotiating tax relief plans for individuals and business owners. Importantly, our clients come to us in need of tax relief and leave with a plan in hand that will work for them. Moreover, we also have years of experience working with the IRS and are continually reviewing new rules and tax law additions. Finally, a tax relief expert can help you get a much better outcome than you can get on your own.

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    What Is The IRS Fresh Start Program?

    Some taxpayers owe so much in tax debt they have no idea how they’ll ever pay it off. In that case, taxpayers who find themselves in this scenario can apply for the IRS Fresh Start program. Moreover, the IRS Fresh Start program gives taxpayers the chance to affordably pay off their debt in six years. Therefore, here’s how the IRS Fresh Start program works:

    • Taxpayers make monthly tax payments based on their current income and value of assets.
    • By the end of six years, the taxpayer’s debt should be paid off in full.

    Who Qualifies for the IRS Fresh Start Program?

    If you owe $50,000 or less in tax debt, you may qualify for the IRS Fresh Start program. Likewise, the IRS Fresh Start program is open to both individual taxpayers and business owners. Furthermore, additional criteria the IRS considers when approving taxpayers for the Fresh Start program include:

    • If self-employed individuals have experienced a decrease in net income of 25 percent or more.
    • Married couples filing jointly must make less than $200,000 a year. Single filing taxpayers must make under $100,000 per year.
    • Applicants must owe less than $50,000 in taxes overall, including interest and penalties.

    In conclusion, before you determine for yourself if you qualify for the IRS Fresh Start program, call FinishLine Tax Solutions. As a result, we’ll help you determine if you qualify. Similarly, we can and will set forth the best course of action for you.

    Why Hire a Tax Relief Firm?

    Why Is It Essential To Get Tax Relief?

    When you owe the IRS money, it can put a pause on a lot of plans you have. As a result, planning a wedding, starting a family, or sending a child off to college can all be interrupted by tax debt. Importantly, settling any tax debt you have is imperative to financial safety. Alternatively, going one year without paying back taxes can send you into more debt. For instance, when you owe the IRS, they will charge you interest and penalties until you pay it off. In fact, if you don’t act fast, as a result, you could owe double by the time you try to pay it off. Therefore, getting tax relief is essential if you want to maintain your financial freedom and not get buried in debt. In conclusion, the sooner you act, the easier it will be to get the tax relief plan you want.

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    How Can We Help?

    How Can FinishLine Tax Solutions Help Me?

    The experts can help you negotiate tax relief plans with the IRS. Therefore, if you owe more taxes than you can pay, we’ll help you settle tax debt for less. Likewise, we can help you enter into an affordable payment plan with the IRS. Furthermore, a tax relief expert at FinishLine Tax Solutions can help you negotiate the following:

    • Installment Agreement
    • Partial Payment Settlement
    • Tax Penalty Abatement
    • Financial Hardship Status
    • Currently not Collectible
    • Penalty Abatement
    • Offer in Compromise

    Additionally, we can help you get your future taxes in order to prevent future tax debt.

    In conclusion, our goal at FinishLine Tax Solutions is to get you out of tax debt and help you stay there. As a result, with our help, you can pay back your tax debt to the IRS and save money along the way. Likewise, we can help you prevent future tax trouble from happening. Therefore, give us a call today to become tax debt free.


    Settle Tax Debt In Tax Relief

    If you’re looking to settle tax debt, we can help you. Millions of Americans—individuals and businesses—need to settle tax debt with the IRS. The first step to settle tax debt is figuring out how much you owe. And the experts at FinishLine Tax Solutions can help you determine how much you can owe. Moreover, a lot of people often ask if you can negotiate with the IRS. The answer is—YES! But we don’t advise that you try and settle tax debt with the IRS on your own. Because working with a tax relief professional can help you settle tax debt with the IRS for less. Therefore, if you can’t pay the taxes that you owe the government, we can help. Likewise, the IRS also offers various options to help you settle tax debt. Also, you can apply for an Offer in Compromise. Or, you can apply for an Installment Agreement.

    How To Settle Tax Debt

    Tax Debt Relief

    Finding tax debt relief can be a daunting tax, due to the fact that there are a lot of sketchy tax relief firms out there. Alternatively, we’re here to help. In contrast, some companies offer to settle for pennies on the dollar. Alternatively, you can trust that we’ll be able to get you tax debt relief for much less than you owe. Furthermore, the most important thing you can do right now is to take action and call us for help. As a result, the sooner we start working on your tax debt relief, the better your outcome will be. Therefore, if you’re wondering what kind of tax debt relief options are out there, call us today. In conclusion, depending on your individual situation, we can find the tax debt relief solution that’s best for you.

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    What Does FinishLine Tax Solutions Do?

    We are a full-service fully accredited tax relief firm. As a result, our tax resolution experts provide tax services for companies and individuals in debt trouble with the IRS. Likewise, we pride ourselves in our aggressive approach to a tax resolution. Similarly, our team will not stop fighting for you until you’re debt-free. Therefore, we’ll do everything we can to protect you from any unforeseen wage garnishments, bank levies, tax liens, and/or asset seizures. As a result, regardless of your current tax situation, we’ll develop a relief plan that will get you back in good standing. Due to our experience, you’ll not only get the IRS off your back, but you’ll also potentially save thousands of dollars. Our vision is firmly planted in the belief that all clients deserve the highest quality of service and representation as possible. So, like our name states, we’ll get you to the tax finish line.

    Nation's Leading Tax Firm

    Where Do We Do Business?

    FinishLine Tax Solutions assists individuals and businesses nationwide with tax relief. Likewise, our tax resolution specialists have years of experience dealing directly with the IRS. Because we understand what a financial strain tax debt can put on you and your family. Therefore, our goal is to help you get back to living your life, tax-debt-free. Furthermore, we will deal directly with the IRS and will design a tax relief plan that you can live with and that will save you the most money. Most importantly, we will not stop working for you until you are fully protected from the risk of IRS wage garnishments, bank levies, or asset seizures. Consequently, you will no longer have to worry about those IRS phone calls or letters.

    Finally, whether you’re located in California or New York, or anywhere in between, we can help. Give us a call today at 866-KICK-IRS and get on the road to financial freedom!

    Get Tax Relief for Any Amount

    We can help you get out of tax debt, whether you owe $5,000 or $500,000 or more. Don’t be a victim. Because ignoring your tax issues will only make the problem worse. Take the first step today and call the experts at FinishLine Tax Solutions and get on the road to a life free of tax problems. Moreover, our staff has decades of experience in helping people throughout the country resolve their tax problems. Finally, give us a call today and let the experts take control of your tax matter and put your IRS problem behind you once and for all!